Scheme of Marking in Exams »
A total of 100 marks are assigned for purpose of examination and grading. The scheme of marking is as under:
Non-Engineering Programs:
Quizzes/Project/Assign/Class/Presentation/Practical/Case Studies: 20 marks
Mid-Term Examination: 30 marks
Final Examination (Comprehension): 50 marks
Total: 100 marks
Engineering Programs:
Quizzes/Project/Assign/Class/Presentation/Practical/Case Studies: 20 marks
Mid-Term Examination: 30 marks
Final Examination (Comprehension): 50 marks
Total: 100 marks

Attempting the final examination at the end of semester is mandatory. Absence from examination will result in a grade 'F' in the respective course.

Grading Formula »
INU uses the following grading system to evaluate student performance:
Outstanding 87-100 4.0
B+ Very Good 80-86 3.5
B Above Average 72-79 3.0
C+ Satisfactory 66-71 2.5
C Barely Acceptable 60-65 2.0
D Poor 50-59 1.5
F Fail Below 50 0.0
W Withdrawal    
I Incomplete (due to short attendance)    
The grade point average is calculated by applying the following formula:

GPA = Sum of (Credit Hours x Grade Point)
Sum of Credit Hours
Criteria for the Award of Models at Convocation »
Highest CGPA within same batch subject to following:
  1. Should be a regular student of the same batch.
  2. No Withdrawal / Freeze case.
  3. No Repetition / Retake case.
  4. No Failure case.
  5. No 'I' case i.e incomplete case.
  6. No Summer Semesters case.
  7. No Course Drop case.
  8. No Disciplinary case.
  9. No credit transfer case.
  10. CGPA for the student fulfilling the above criteria should be = 3.5
Re-Checking Papers »

Only re-checking is allowed (checking the papers for numerical mistakes and omissions only). If you want any paper re-checked deposit re-checking fee of Rs. 100 per paper, and submit your request for re-checking to the Head of Department within 7 days after the declaration of result. The HoD will forward the request to Controller of Examinations who will do the needful and convey the decision to the concerned HoD, who will inform the student.

In case any student is not satisfied with evaluation of the paper, he may submit request to the Dean of Faculty for Re-evaluation, who may consider the request on merits and form a panel of examiners to re-evaluate the paper.

However, in case some answer is found unassisted, the answer book will be sent to the examiner for assessment by the Controller of Examinations.

Refund of Fee »

Fee will be refunded to students who desire to migrate /discontinue studies according to the following rules:

  1. Admission fee shall not be refundable.

  2. Security fee, degree fee and 100% of the tuition fee will be refunded, if applied three days before the date of commencement of classes.

  3. Security fee, degree fee and 90% of the tuition fee will be refunded, if applied upto the date of commencement of classes.

  4. Security fee, degree fee will be refunded, if applied after commencement of second week of classes.

  5. Students who are given provisional admission when awaiting results of exams and subsequently if they fail to qualify and do not meet the pre-requisites for admission, will be given 25% refund of the fee they paid minus admission fee.

  6. Refund will be made upto a maximum period of 30 days after date of leaving.

  7. No fee shall be refunded to regular student if he/she drops a semester after the beginning of the classes.

Adjustment / Transfer of Tuition Fee »

Received amount of tuition fee will be adjusted/ transferred in the following cases:

  1. Tuition fee will be adjusted / transferred to the semester if a course is cancelled and an alternate course is not offered.

  2.  Tuition fee will be adjusted / transferred to the next semester if a student drops a course or semester during first three days of the start of classes.

Scholarships at INU »

INU is committed to provide / supervise quality education, it also has a caring policy towards the students and generously support and honor them through various scholarship opportunities.

Graduation Time Frame »
Students completing all the requirements for the degree of their respective discipline will be awarded degree.
Maximum time limit for degree completion is (including Project / Thesis) indicated below:
  1. 4 years program 6 years
  2. 3.5 years program 5 years
  3. 2.5 years program 4 years
  4. 2 years program 3 years
  5. 1.5 years program 2.5 years
Time Limit for Degree Completion »
  1. INU follows '1.5' rule (i.e. 4 years degree to complete in six years and two years degree in three years etc). If the student has 50 % of the degree covered he / she would be allowed to continue till the permissible limit. However such student would have to maintain continuity and to take the classes regularly (without break).

  2. Final CGPA shall not be given to the student until the degree requirements are completed.

  3. Any further waiver for Time Bar Cases would be subject to approval by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendations of the Dean of the Faculty on case to case basis.

Class Attendance »

One credit of theory requires one contact hour and one credit hour of practical/lab requires three contact hours during a semester. It is mandatory for every student to attend at least 75% of the contact hours failing which he/she will not be allowed to sit in the final examination and Grade 'I' will be awarded in the final result. Despite this relaxation, you are advised to maximize attendance and anyone absent for 3 or more days continuously, will be required to render an explanation even if the contact hours are otherwise complete. Habitual late comers are marked absent from the class.

Internships »

INU will recommend you for Internship with prospective employers for you to become familiar with them and also expose you to them for possible permanent employment after graduation. Minimum period of internship is six weeks for graduating students of Bachelor and Master programs. Internships may be a credit or non-credit activity.
You must meet the following requirements before you can be recommended by your University for Internship:

  1. Students of Bachelor programs should have completed at least 4 semesters and students of Master programs should have completed at least 2 semesters.

  2. You will be expected to work on a project during your internship and submit a report when you complete the internship time. The report is submitted to the University Campus for evaluation and award of a grade or acceptable / unacceptable status. The reports must be accompanied by a certificate from the organization you worked in during your internship time otherwise it will not be evaluated.

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